We explore the future of organizing and business model innovation by creating free tools and by delivering workshops, training and advisory services to our adopters community.


Early Adopter Kit

Do you want to know what will be the new foundations of platform-ecosystem thinking in a context of constant change?

Be the first to discover the results and gain awareness and competitive advantage.


Haier’s Rendanheyi Model Masterclass

Join the 1st Certified Online Masterclass on the Rendanheyi model.

The internationally praised organizational model for the 21C of the Chinese pioneer Haier.


Public Masterclass

Learn how to use our platform design tools that bring you from the strategy design to the prototyping phase in an hands on, practical and collaborative experience.

Bring your own project if you’ve one.

Discover how we help organizations advance in the platform transformation by co-creating a language, open tools and enriching conversations.

Research & Thinking

Exploring the edges of platforms & ecosystems to evolve our tools and prepare for what's next

Tools & New Languages

Creating an open and shared vocabulary that will allow us to design and execute platforms strategies

Community & Events

Convening and exchanging around our experience and vision for collective sense-making


Supporting entrepreneurs, leaders and organizations with training, facilitation and advisory

Some Supporters, Adopters & Clients

Latest Research & Thinking

Stay on top of the game with the latest news, tools updates and curated content on ecosystems and platforms

Free Tools & Resources

Platform Opportunity Exploration

An advanced toolkit to explore new opportunities emerging from the ecosystem through value chain mapping and analysis.

Get the Guide>>

Platform Design Toolkit & Guide

The most widely adopted set of open and visual tools for designing ecosystem-platform strategies.

Download the Toolkit>>


The paper “From Business Modeling to Platform Design” have been instrumental to kickstart the field of Platform Design and generated a plethora of mimicking offerings in the market.

Read our Whitepaper>>

we are creating a wider collective awareness by getting together and hosting spaces for co-creation and sense-making

Gatherings & Community of Practice

In our Community, we create spaces for discussion to exchange, frame questions and bring ideas and initiatives forward. It is a space where we support each other as practitioners. Boundaryless organizes yearly meetings to bring thinkers together and explore new tools and emerging trends.

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