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The Platform Design Toolkit is the definitive tool to design digital and non-digital platforms with ease

is open source so that everybody can use it
we can help you make the best of it
can be used to envision, map, understand platforms

Why should I care about Platform Design?

Platforms let you access and leverage the potential of ecosystems towards objectives you cannot reach independently.

Platform Design is going to be a key capability in the future-present, to generate strong business innovation strategies with limited investments.

Who is the Platform Design Toolkit for?

Corporate pioneers that want to shape reference markets, startup founders that want to disrupt incumbents, social entrepreneurs that want to achieve high impact.

Consultants that want to help clients, journalists and analysts that want to understand how platforms work: the toolkit is also a premium analysis tool.

Network Orchestrators outperform companies with other business models on several key dimensions. These advantages include higher valuations relative to their revenue, faster growth, and larger profit margins.


For the most strategically ambitious of firms, an exciting potential associated with some platforms is the ability to change how an entire marketplace operates—and capture more value by doing so.

John Hagel III

Platform Design helped us craft our vision and get into YCombinator with a scalable business model

Tin Hang LiuCEO @ OSVehicle

When the hype was the Business Model Canvas and everyone was crazy about it, Simone came up with the toolkit that Sharing Economy entrepreneurs like me had been searching for a long time. I used it to create Sharing Academy and I recommend it now to entrepreneurs in the Collaborative Economy.

Andrea CattabrigaSlowd

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