Platform Design Toolkit Videos & Webinars

Our Videos and Webinars are a mix between conversations with #PDToolkit adopters, open AMAs with the connected community and featured talks with special guests.

They cover all about platforms and ecosystems and how the strategy of the connected organization needs to change in the XXIst century.

replay and refresh the principles of platform-ecosystem design 

learn from community champions that have widely adopted PDToolkit

join our next webinar and ask the questions that you’ve always wanted to ask

Upcoming Issue

Remco Westerbroek is buliding Rockpit a platform to support construction site workers to reduce construction failure and improve team work, knowledge flow and experience.
Nabil BinAbdullah is digital platform strategist for Elm, the Saudi state-owned company leader in providing transformation services to more than organizations.

Mark Craddock massively contributed to the development of UK Public Sector Cloud Services.  He’s now leading the development of the United Nations Global Platform.

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Issue #2 - Platform Design Toolkit Adopters Webinar Simone Cicero interviews Remco Westerbroek (Platform Designer at Webcircles), Nabil Abdullah (Platform Strategist at Elm Company Digital) and Mark Craddock (UN Global Platform). An Open Q&A follows. Webinar ZOOM link Remind me of the Webinar 13 Nov 2019 2 - 3 pm CET

Past Issues

Regenerative Platforms and Ecosystems for the Anthropocene Simone Cicero and Cocoon Pro's Emanuele Quintarelli Watch on YouTube 5 Oct 2019
The Fundamentals of Ecosystem Strategies Simone Cicero & Lucia Hernandez, Victor Moyano, ESDADE Creapolis Watch on YouTube 24 Apr 2019
Remixing the Principles of Platform Design Simone Cicero and Vivaldi CMO Agathe Blanchon-Ehrsam Watch on YouTube 9 Jan 2019
Issue #1 - Platform Design Toolkit Adopters Webinar ING Platform Architect Ron Kersic, Farfetch Head of Platform Product Design Yolanda Martin Olivas, Nikola Leger co-founder of the blockchain-powered platform for SMBs growth Integrity.One Listen on Soundcloud Watch on YouTube 22 Oct 2018
Understanding Platforms through Wardley Maps Simone Cicero, Simon Wardley, Bill Murray Watch on YouTube 29 Oct 2018
Using Platform Design Thinking to Enable the Ecosystem Thinking Dawna Jones and Simone Cicero Watch on YouTube 7 Jul 2017