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A two-days experience to get hands-on with the methodology and develop your platform idea

Great workshop to understand the essentials of platform design thinking and how to apply customer development and lean startup thinking to develop a platform proposition.

Bas Van UlzenGlobal Lead Accelerator and Innovation coaches – ING, Global

One of the most enlightening masterclasss you can follow; the epochal changes that involve society and thus the way to produce value are widely described by the design platform, giving new and fundamental tools to understanding our world.

Giuseppe PasceriCTIO Jobrapido

The platform design toolkit is more than a tool, it is a mindset. It helped us explore how to connect all the players around innovation challenges.

Genevieve DouhetAssociate Director of Innovation – Société Générale

So deceptively simple, yet the platform concept is profound enough to be radically transforming the global economy. The 2-day masterclass is essential in giving you all the tools, and the mindset to go along, to truly understand what it means to live and prosper in this new era.

Ron KersicPlatform Architecture & Design, CTO Office – ING, Global

The master class really changed my perception of what is possible with platform thinking. The toolkit released the creativity leading to this change. The PDT is something we will have great use of in our future business modelling.

Christer BergCEO – The Swedish Computer Society

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  • save yourself from bad investments and wasting money
  • go from zero to a clear execution plan for the coming months
Course TypeDate & VenueDetailsLead Instructor(s)Get ticketsAvailability
3-Day Platform Design Toolkit Bootcamp October, 8-10th, Milan (Italy) In English, targeted to those looking to become facilitators & experts Simone Cicero Early Birds Available
2-Day Masterclass December 2019, exact date and venue to be confirmed In English, includes Design and Validation Setup, single project work focused To be Confirmed N/A
Do you want to become a Platform Design Toolkit Certified Facilitator? Look at our Bootcamp!

The Platform Design Masterclass is a 2 day experience that will help you change your mindset, learn how to look at markets and organizations differently. You’ll learn how to use a full set of design tools, while you accelerate your strategy.
Come to apply the methodology to your existing strategic challenges, projects and new business ideas.

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Who is this course for

  • Managers who deal daily with innovation in companies large and small, who need to create new products and have to deal with restricted investment capacity;
  • Startuppers who, individually or in teams, want to work to create their hypothesis of product and market and then quickly begin validation;
  • Designer and Consultants who want to learn how to master a set of design tools that are simple to apply, to design effective strategies that are in line with the times;
  • Community managers from digital platforms or even collaborative spaces such as incubators, makerspaces, coworkings;
  • Public officials and social entrepreneurs who want to understand how to increase the social impact of collaborative services with less investment.

Apply for the Positive Shaper Ticket

Conscious of the environmental, social and development challenges we face in our times and the positive role of Platform Design and ecosystem mobilization in tackling these issues, we decided to create the Positive Shaper Tickets.

We are offering complete or highly discounted access our the Platform Design 2-Day Masterclass where you will learn through a hands-on approach how to design strategies that pull and multiply impact beyond the potential of the limits of the organization. You will learn how to orchestrate ecosystems to self-organize, facilitate the interaction between producers and consumers, and how to generate network effects that multiply the value for everyone.

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