The Platform Design Toolkit Bootcamp 2019

Learn how to leverage the full potential of Platform Design.
Milan, October 8-10th, in English.

Join the first advanced learning experience for Platform Design Toolkit facilitators

designed for:

🔗 Organization leaders running organization-wide Platform Design units and strategy groups 

🔗 Consultants and freelance platform catalysts, willing to learn how to master the full Platform Design Toolkit capabilities for client’s projects

Become part of an exclusive network of expert Platform Design facilitators

The bootcamp aims at kick-starting a group of advanced practice leaders, always connected with our team in a long-standing collaboration on projects and opportunities across the globe.  It will deliver a full and deep understanding of our framework and unified market theory. 

You will

  • become part of our Platform Design Toolkit Facilitators group and get the opportunity to facilitate workshops together with us
  • get access to continuously updated decks, templates and cheat sheets to run workshops
  • learn how to integrate platform design experiences with your working practice
  • learn how to design full-fledged platform strategies from EXPLORATION to DESIGN and VALIDATION

Upcoming courses

Course TypeDate & VenueDetailsLead Instructor(s)Get ticketsAvailability
3-Day Platform Design Toolkit Bootcamp October, 8-10th, Milan (Italy) In English, targeted to those looking to become facilitators & experts Simone Cicero Early Birds Available
2-Day Masterclass December 2019, exact date and venue to be confirmed In English, includes Design and Validation Setup, single project work focused To be Confirmed N/A
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Who is this course for?

  • Organization leaders running organization-wide Platform Design units and Innovation or Strategy groups;
  • Consultants and freelance platform catalysts, willing to learn how to master the full Platform Design Toolkit capabilities for client’s projects and integrate it with other methodologies;
  • Human resources experts and organizational designers willing to integrate post-industrial approaches into their organizational development practices;
  • Systems Thinkers that want to master a powerful and digestible methodology to rapidly bring systemic thinking to the table, producing fast outstanding results;
  • Entrepreneurs working on platform projects, interested in integrating a deep vision and practice in the work they’re doing, to maximize impact, and minimize time and energy lost in negligibly impacting projects.
  • Policy-makers wanting to understand the full scope of platform thinking and the full potential of ecosystem mobilization

What you will learn

  • The Context of Platform Design: we’ll explore what is the future playing field for Platform Thinking. What is the social, ecological and political context of platform thinking?
  • The Key Elements of Platform Design and the Unified Market Theory: understanding post-Industrial markets and how value chains are transformed
  • Network Effects and High Scalability: why it’s so important today
  • Validating Platform Strategies: how to design experiences, validate them and develop an ecosystem in a lean way?
  • Solving the Chicken-Egg problem: once validation is achieved where to focus to achieve growth?
  • Organizational Transformation: learning how organizational development and design overlaps with business-model innovation and how platform thinking can help
  • Designing & Running Platform-Ecosystem Workshops: how to design workshops complementing Platform Design Toolkit with other methods? We’ll share our experience.