From Business Modeling to Platform Design

How the Platform Design Toolkit can help organizations to craft shaping strategies to explore and transform markets, with smaller investments required

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This White Paper will help you understand:

Why Platform businesses are on the rise

How are changing user expectations and pervasive technologies, making platforms win on the market? And why?

What is the role of Platforms in the Digitally Transformed market

When is a Platform strategy worth trying? What are the other roles you can play in the digitally enabled market?

What is the further evolution of Platforms and Platform thinking

What happens to the role of platforms in the age of blockchains and open infrastructures?

How organizations can make the best of Platforms

What skills, resources and capabilities do you need to enable applying Platform Design Thinking in your organization?

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“…the impact of “platforms” has been vastly discussed from many angles as businesses realise they will succeed based on their ability to captivate third parties and connect them to each other through creative interactions …

There is a real appetite from the industry to explore how platform companies create radical adjacencies and new horizontal markets, and how they fit in the overall digital frame. What are the different types of players? What are the market drivers? What are the evolutionary forces that operate? How are platforms evolving? What is the next generation of platforms? …

Whereas the Business Model Canvas is a great tool for businesses to articulate their value proposition, more is needed in terms of platform value articulation. Businesses need assistance with the definition of their platform vision.

We believe The Platform Design Toolkit is a great set of tools to help businesses map their requirements in terms of platform capabilities”

— from Innotribe’s foreword.

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