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Exploration: What is this guide all about?

Mapping the existing experiences: identify how the ecosystem already interacts, what are the entities, mediators, brokers and infrastructural elements;
Identify patterns of platformization that can be used, assets that can be leveraged by the platform shaper, and existing moats;
Analyze the value chain, in terms of layers, value perceived, state of evolution of all the components, to be sure that you can aggregate the right elements;
Identify the gameplay that, as a platform shaper you should pursue, transforming the rules of the context, enabling better experiences, and create attraction;

From the Foreword

“… ever smaller and niche economic sectors are organized in platform-powered markets, and made grow by factors like internationalization, network effects generation, improvement of the quality of services provided and consumed.

This is a pattern of the modern economy: as long as one organization emerges that is capable to aggregate supply and demand, and to create great vertically bundled experiences to monetize, niche markets get quickly organized, grown, developed.

… we believe that the movement behind platform design is just moving its first steps, by bringing ecosystems centric thinking and complex systems back into the main focus of the design process, we believe that platform design can bring relevant new potential to the economy and the entrepreneurial activity of all kinds, fastly moving the global economy towards systemic regeneration, and positive impact.

We’re here to consolidate the progress that researchers and designers are making globally, into open source and ever simpler tools, that anyone can use to design and execute strategies that shape ever more contextual parts of our economy, into living, interacting, learning systems.”

From The Platform Opportunity Exploration Guide 0.1 – 2018 – Foreword.

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