The Platform Design Toolkit Masterclass

The Platform Design Masterclass is a 2-day experience to learn the most comprehensive set of tools for the design and prototyping platform strategies, used by thousands of practitioners around the world.

What will you learn in this workshop?

Which entities exist in your ecosystem and what’s their potential
How to design channels to monetize transactions and help the entities to exchange value
How to create support services for the entities to improve their performance and create new opportunities
How to set the validation and prototyping plan to reduce waste in the launching of your platform
How to grow the platform by experimenting with possible growth strategies

How to use a practical and open framework (Creative Commons) you can use at any time in any context

  Your facilitators *

Simone Cicero


Lucía Hernández

Senior Facilitator

* the team of Senior Facilitator might change due to major forces cause


 The best way to prepare is to choose and refine an idea of platform strategy that you want to accelerate during the course also with the proactive support of the teaching team. About two weeks before the course, we will send you a series of links. These will not be needed, however, for the successful participation in the course.
It is a course for participants that understand their context, but it does not require any previous knowledge on the subject of platforms, innovation or design. We teach you this advanced method in a practical way, leaving with you the tools and references to use it by your own.
This methodology has been used at any stage of a platform: from scratch, from a prototype in the making in need for being challenged, or an existing project that needs to pivot strategy. There’s no moment in time where making sense with the Platform Design Toolkit is discouraged.

You’ll be able to apply it directly to your product, a process or whole organization, a new service, a startup idea or to explore a market that you care about.

“The Platform Design Toolkit is more than a tool, it is a mindset. It helped us explore how to connect all the players around innovation challenges”

Genevieve Douhet – Associate Director – Innovation Société Générale

“The 2-day masterclass is essential in giving you all the tools, and the mindset to go along, to truly understand what it means to live and prosper in this new era “

Ron Kersic – Platform Architecture & Design, CTO Office ING, Global

“The masterclass really changed my perception of what is possible with platform thinking. The toolkit released the creativity leading to this change. The PDT is something we will have great use of in our future business modeling.”

Christer Berg – CEO, The Swedish Computer Society
These two days will:

  • save you from bad investments and wasted expenses
  • take you from zero to a clear execution plan for the coming months.

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The Platform Design Toolkit: the next generation design tools

Born in 2013, the Platform Design Toolkit is used worldwide by successful startups and social enterprises. Large international groups and public entities are also among the customers that designed platform strategies with Platform Design Toolkit.

European and American Business Schools have used it in their courses and seminars. Designers and entrepreneurs from around the world have used it to shape and improve their business ideas and impact.

You can see some of our adopters here:

To better understand the opportunities behind platform design, download the free white paper sponsored by SWIFT Innotribe, the innovation team of one of the most important players in global finance.


Apply it directly to your product, a process or whole organization, a new service, a startup idea or to explore a market that you care about.


You will implement your strategic vision in a lean prototyping approach avoiding mistakes, waste of energy and money.


You will get straight to a Minimum Viable Platform that will validate the appeal for your reference ecosystem, and we will prepare you to grow after.

   Who is this course for?

  • Managers who deal daily with innovation in companies large and small, who need to create new products and have to deal with restricted investment capacity, deluded by usual business management trainings or the average management class;
  • Startuppers who, individually or in teams, want to work to create their hypothesis of product and market and then quickly begin validation;
  • Designers and Consultants who want to learn how to master a set of design tools that are simple to apply, to design effective strategies that are in line with the times;
  • Community managers from digital platforms or even collaborative spaces such as incubators, makerspaces, coworkings;
  • Public officials and social entrepreneurs who want to understand how to increase the social impact of collaborative services with less investment.

Expect to get your hands dirty

The masterclass is based on 20% content transferred by the teacher-facilitator in short pills – instructions and reflections – and 80% work on project works. The teacher uses a model based on recurring cycles of briefings-exercise-reflection that will help you easily stick the new capabilities into your set of skills.

It will be possible to work in a team (teamwork is highly recommended), in single or even to find a “partner” at the beginning of the master class.

There will be many moments where – if there are no constraints of secrecy in the project that are brought to the masterclass – you’ll be able to exchange ideas and views with the lecturer and participants, greatly enriching your learning and design experience.

Topics of Day 1

We will give you context and discuss the technological and social enablers that led to the revolution of the platforms. 

We will use the practical design tools (canvases) part of Platform Design Toolkit to generate a powerful vision and identify the core transaction engine.

Topics of Day 2

After identifying the learning engine, we will explain how lean validation and prototyping fit the context of multi-side platforms, and we’ll set up a validation path for the key assumptions behind the core platform experience.

Note: If you do not have a platform project we will use a market opportunity to explore an existing platform or a fictional one in the modeling exercises.

The organizing team will also be available before the course to help you identify your project work in such a way as to maximize learning and operating results for you.


  • Understanding the reference ecosystem.
    The first phase of the workshop will help you better understand your target market, to map all available roles for actors of the ecosystem and the reasons that they have to join your platform strategy: you will learn how to motivate everyone to join and participate, relying on clear and operable incentives.
  • Create a platform prototype model.
    We will create a clear vision of how your platform will provide the channels for transactions, and a range of services enabling the ecosystem: by doing so the platform will create a special advantage for the participants and will give them exponential growth opportunities.
  • Prepare validation, prototyping and growth
    We will then help you prioritize the features and key stakeholders of the platform and will set up the most effective methods of validation of your business strategy. We will create a clear plan to validation and prototyping, and we will study the first possible strategies for hacking growth to grow the adoption of your platform strategy in your target ecosystem.