Exploring Haier's Rendanheyi Model

A FREE INTERACTIVE WORKSHOP with Organisation Design practitioners

Join us and other Organisation Design practitioners in this free 1,5 hr interactive workshop hosted by EODF's Jodie Goulden and Rosa Tabara with Platform Design Toolkit creator Simone Cicero.

Together we will explore the Rendanheyi management and organisational model pioneered by Haier Group from the perspective of Organisation Design and Development.

June 3, 2020
3:30-5 pm CEST


Hosted by

Jodie Goulden

EODF Board Member, HR Consultant

Rosa Aurora Tabara

EODF Board Member, HR Consultant

Simone Cicero

Co-founder Boundaryless and Original Ideator of the Platform Design Toolkit

What will you experience

Participants will get a glimpse of the current evolution of Haier's Rendanheyi model with an understanding of the company’s transformation towards an ecosystem of loosely coupled, independent, entrepreneurial units.

Boundaryless will present its current research around this model highlighting 5 major area with potential implications for the field of Organisation Design and Development.
  • Simone Cicero will inspire us with a brief presentation of key research on the Haier Rendanheyi model
  • Participants will select a favourite topic and join interactive breakout sessions based on major 5 topics emerging from the research
  • We will harvest the most interesting learnings from the breakout sessions to share in the whole group

This free online workshop is an event co-produced by

Rendanheyi Masterclass

Learning and applying Haier's Model of Organizing

1st Haier Certified Online Course

If you're enjoying our series of online events on Haier you may consider to join an upcoming 3 Half Day online course certified by the Haier Model Institute that Bill Fischer, Simone Cicero and team will facilitate online on June 16-17-18 for a limited cohort of maximum 40 participants.

The course will be an excellent opportunity to:

  • Learn more about the story of Haier and the basics of Rendanheyi organizational model;
  • Identify the cultural elements that need to be developed if your organization wants to embrace a culture of entrepreneurship and ecosystem enablement;
  • Explore the pitfalls and challenges in transforming an organization into a rapidly evolving organism;
  • Discover a practical set of visual tools to design experiments to be executed in your organization.

The course will be the first one to be Certified by Haier Model Institute and will also be essential to provide access to a community of experts and practitioners, that will be animated directly by Haier, Boundaryless and other partners and will be a unique place for those interested in exploring the Rendanheyi model and its general principles of applicability, in more depth.