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Adopted and used by Fortune500s, startup founders, venture incubators, social enterprises and government agencies.

An exceptional shared language for alignment across organizations approaching a platform ecosystem mindset shift

  • Visual and collaborative
  • Based on our original research
  • Open in Creative Commons
  • Available for everyone to build upon

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We deliver our programs at any location in the world and remotely, thanks to powerful digital workshop solutions.

Our enabling services are designed to help organizations embrace the key elements of Platform Strategy in everything they do.



Live sprints ranging 1 to 3 days with preparation and follow-up mentoring

Targeted to One Team – One Strategic Context

Accelerate the systemic vision behind your projects understand value systems, design the strategy and prepare for prototyping

We help teams understand better their strategic context, we guide them to craft their platform strategy in co-creation, and after that, we ensure they proceed with validation and execution.
This workshop transforms the point of view and helps teams design with ecosystems in mind, increasing radically the chances of successfully mobilizing participants and generate scalable growth and scalable learning.

What you’ll achieve with a Platform Strategy Workshop

  • A clear alignment across the team
  • A ready to prototype strategy that will push you forward with no excuses
  • A set of strategic assumptions grounded in a shared understanding of the ecosystem
  • The map of interactions and value flows between entities in the ecosystem



2 or 3 days Training for Multiple Teams

Targeted to One or Multiple Teams working on different projects

Focus on learning from our direct experience: a modular approach that will transform the way your organization operates at any level

Our training formats are designed to help single or multiple teams learn how to use the Platform Design Toolkit, and more generally embrace the platform thinking approach in whatever they do.
During the Masterclass, teams learn by doing, using the full framework to design, understand or describe their own strategies, explore interesting and unexploited market opportunities, imagine how to transform their current companies.

What you’ll achieve with a Private Training

  • A shared ground around platform thinking and a shared language to move forward
  • Parallel acceleration of several projects & teams
  • Real project work done, while internalizing a shared practice of platform design thinking



2-3 months to adopt Platform Design across a whole spectrum of the organization

Mobilize an organization

Mobilize an entire organization into seeing Ecosystem Platform Opportunities

The IGNITE program is the deepest and most productive short-term iteration that an organization can adopt to strategically assess platform opportunities.
This program will set the foundations for your organization to learn a shared language for platform design across silos and boundaries while accelerating your most strategic platform projects.

What you’ll achieve with an Ignite Program

  • Re-orient the organization into seeing the potential of ecosystem platform thinking
  • Create and nurture an internal community of practice with the support of leadership
  • Faster teams moving from understanding contexts to prototyping

Areas of Intervention


a new business model to sustain your transition into the post-industrial age


break boundaries and enable your organization to be ecosystem-centric


co-create and evolve your strategy based on a multi-sided point of view

They say about us

John HagelDeloitte Center for Edge Innovation

“In an increasingly networked world, we're going to need more tools like the Platform Design Toolkit.”

Genevieve DouhetAssociate Director, Innovation, Société Générale

“The Platform Design Toolkit is more than a tool, it is a mindset. It helped us explore how to connect all the players around innovation challenges.”

Bas Van Ulzen Global Lead Accelerator and Innovation coaches ING, Global

“A great workshop that helps deeply understand the fundamentals of platform design thinking and how to apply customer development and lean startup thinking to develop a platform proposition.”

Giuseppe PasceriCTIO Jobrapido

“This framework gives new and fundamental tools to understanding our world, the epochal changes that are involving society and thus the way we produce value.”

Andrea CattabrigaChairman SlowD

“We used the method and this led us to the thinking and reasoning that was necessary to clarify many complex issues in our ecosystem. I highly recommend the methodology because we tested it and it simply works!”

Jordi Llonch EsteveCEO Sharing Academy

“When the hype was the Business Model Canvas and everyone was crazy about it, Simone came up with the toolkit that Sharing Economy entrepreneurs like me had been searching for a long time. I used it to create Sharing Academy and I recommend it now to entrepreneurs in the Collaborative Economy.”

Tin Hang LiuCEO OSVehicle

“Platform Design Toolkit helped us craft our vision and get into YCombinator with a scalable business model.”

Ron KersicPlatform Architecture & Design, CTO Office — ING Global

“So deceptively simple, yet the platform concept is profound enough to be radically transforming the global economy. The 2-day masterclass is essential in giving you all the tools, and the mindset to go along, to truly understand what it means to live and prosper in this new era.”

Other types of services

Platform Mindshift Session

A short hands-on session designed to help your organizations quickly understand how Platform Design Thinking can provide them with a new lens, new tools and radically new perspectives in business and organizational development.
The Mindshift session is normally the first step you’re looking for, in case you need to acquire the right buy-ins from your stakeholders. If you have a short time and limited budget to convince your company the Mindshift session is what you’re looking for.

Ad Hoc Interventions

Ad-Hoc interventions are designed and crafted to carefully respond to specific challenges that organizations encounter in embracing ecosystem-centric, platform strategies. 
They may include analyzing the market, existing organizational structures, and processes and help you define real-time objectives.

Long Term Mentoring and Coaching

We provide long term support to teams in:
  • the preparation of the lean validation phase
  • crafting the launch strategy generate the critical mass
  • designing long term governance and symbiotic relationships with the ecosystem
  • designing strategies for platform resilience, circularity, decentralization, and sustainability
  • choosing partners for technology and software development
  • organizational development

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