Re-Watch The #1 Platform Design Toolkit Community Adopters Webinar

On October the 22nd, we hosted the first Platform Design Toolkit Community Webinar. In our idea, this webinar needs to be a mix between a conversation with #PDToolkit champions, and an open AMA with the connected community. Theme-wise, the webinar is all about platforms and ecosystems and how the strategy of the connected organization needs to change in the XXIst century.

ask the questions that you’ve always wanted to ask

learn from community champions that have adopted PDToolkit widely

The Platform Design Toolkit Community Adopters Webinar is a format based on 30 minutes conversation, facilitated by Simone Cicero, Platform Design Toolkit original creator, and invited champions from the PDToolkit community, plus 30 minutes AMA, to answer any question that rises from the connected community.

This edition of the webinar was truly enriching, we had three generations of companies joining: an incumbent from XXth Century, an IPO’ed native digital marketplace-platform, and a blockchain powered crypto-token company!

During the 1 hour conversation, we spoke mainly about the steps to build a platform-mindful organization, hot to get into prototyping and getting to the market, the implications of platforms on rethinking competition.

Listen to the Podcast Version


Ron Kersic

Corporate Agitator


Yolanda Martin

Head of Platform Product Design


Nikola Leger

COO & Co-Founder


Who is this webinar for

  • Managers who are considering adopting Platform Design Toolkit as part of their strategic portfolio of innovation tools;
  • Startuppers, Designer, and Consultants who are considering joining one of our masterclasses to learn the methodology deeply; 
  • Entrepreneurs that want to understand better how platform design changed the perspective of real adopters, and what to expect when embarking in the platform design journey