Create your Platform Strategy

master platform design with your teams and create radical innovations

The Platform Design Workshop: the best way to build your strategy

The Platform Design Workshop is a step by step experience of Platform Design: skilled facilitators will help you create your Platform strategy and help you get started with the first steps towards the implementation.

During the Workshop we use advanced co-creation techniques to make the best of the collective intelligence of your team: platform design is combined with other methodologies such as Human Centered DesignValue Chain mappingBusiness Modeling and Resource Based View for a holistic approach.

 The 4 key steps of the Platform Design Workshop 

1. Understanding Value Chain layers
2. Mapping Key assets
3. Mapping Ecosystem players
4. Designing the Platform Strategy

The workshop, complemented by our advisory services can help you:

Understand how to motivate the ecosystem to create and exchange value
Identify key transactions and ensure that channels exist for these to happen on the platform
Learn how to support the evolution of participants towards better performances
Help your ecosystem thrive, interact and create social capital and reputation for a thriving platform

Learn and apply Platform Design 

The Platform Design Toolkit team organizes in-house training sessions and remote webinars for organizations: these sessions will help you understand how platforms work and master platform design thinking as a tool to empower your teams.

Ask for a Special Research Report

The Platform Design Toolkit team is able to provide industry focused or organization specific research reports to assess the potential impacts and opportunities that Platforms bring to your organization context and future.

We used the method and this led us to the thinking and reasoning that was necessary to clarify many complex issues in our ecosystem. I want to suggest the methodology because we tested it and it works! Highly recommended!

Andrea CattabrigaChairman SlowD

When the hype was the Business Model Canvas and everyone was crazy about it, Simone came up with the toolkit that Sharing Economy entrepreneurs like me had been searching for a long time. I used it to create Sharing Academy and I recommend it now to entrepreneurs in the Collaborative Economy.

Jordi Llonch EsteveCEO Sharing Academy

Platform Design helped us craft our vision and get into YCombinator with a scalable business model

Tin Hang LiuCEO OSVehicle

In an increasingly networked world we're going to need more tools like the Platform Design Toolkit

John HagelDeloitte center for Edge Innovation

These are some of the Enthusiasts & Adopters of the Methodology

Our methodology is used by corporate rebels, startup founders, venture incubators, social enterprises and government agencies.
The Toolkit is also adopted by several Universities and Business & Design schools worldwide.

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